• BillieSmiles - slideshow 960 Med

    Social Estate Management For Billie Holiday

  • Lady_Sings_Blues_cover-slideshow-center

    Commercial Marketing and Album Production

  • grammy-slideshow

    Grammy Award Campaigns

  • OSE Reclamation - Slideshow 960

    Asset Reclamation, Digitization & Valuation

  • ugg-slideshow

    Consumer-Facing Sonic Branding for Couture Line

  • coffee-slideshow

    Musical Theater Finance and Development

  • Pacific-slideshow-960

    Social Media Launch for Outdoor Design Leader

  • Love Her Madly - Slideshow 960

    Heritage Artists Marketing

  • george-lopez-slideshow

    Comedy Marketing and Music

  • Turbosherbet - Background 960 Med

    Power Pop Marketing

  • mlb-slideshow

    Youth Engagement Marketing

  • Priority Records - Slideshow 960

    Content Creation and Marketing for Sports Entities

  • GMR_Bristol_CD002-slideshow

    Sonic Branding for Sports Entities

  • rpg-slideshow

    Big-Box Retail Exclusive Audio Greetings

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