Priority Fox WWFFox Sports Presents Game Time!
Partnered with Fox Sports to create a themed compilation called Fox Sports Presents Game Time! with Fox Sports Interactive as a promotional partner. Worked with the On-Air talent for promotional activities and produced a series of national radio and TV spots. Project featured an exclusive dance version of the Fox Sports NFL Theme and Snoop Dogg’s cover of the Queen classic ‘We Are The Champions’ that was serviced and played at major sports stadiums and arenas.

WWF Aggression
Partnered with the World Wrestling Federation (pre-WWE) to create unique rap versions of their individual themes. We developed these short instrumentals into full tracks with original lyrics and coordinated a multi-city recording session with the day’s leading Hip Hop artists. The WWF Aggression project debuted in the Top 10 on the Billboard Top 100 Albums. Coordinated with the Wrestlemania Fan Convention, maintained an event booth with related promotional supplies and a series of autograph sessions with talent.