Tekspacular is a Los Angeles based brand management and digital strategy agency for the entertainment industry. As content management strategists, our marketing campaigns focus on a user-centered, brand-to-consumer approach we call the art of the conversation. We cultivate communities and convert social activity into brand equity and income. Tekspacular specializes in helping established brands make the transition to the social media age using modern techniques. We know how to re-invest in your fans, so that they organically invest in you. Together we build new revenue streams, based on the integrity of your brand, and sustain its legacy for future generations.

Tekspacular Campaigns ::

  • Aligns your business and marketing goals into actionable strategies
  • Determines your brand resonators for the current marketplace
  • Researches your demographics and keywords with the latest analytical tools
  • Performs product management to develop and refine your assets
  • Determines need for a viable crowd-source financing option
  • Spearheads a marketing campaign to carry out your defined goals
  • Optimizes your social community with an emphasis on engagement
  • Connects your content with a strategy unique to each social media lens
  • Enables trusted direct to fan transactions utilizing Topspin or Bandcamp platforms
  • Focuses the music supervision and co-branding community on your music catalog
  • Administers publishing to maximize performance revenue streams from both domestic and international usages
  • Seeks out opportunities for branded uses of your catalog
  • Builds professional relationships on your behalf that can sustain and nurture your career for decades

In the midst of today’s fatuous “Like Generation”, we believe instead in the power of personal experiential engagement. It’s not always about the most fans, friends, followers or likes. It’s absolutely always about the genuine experience you are having with them.

“You can capture five Bin Ladens, you can save 10,000 banks and 20 car companies, even pass the most sweeping legislation in modern American history; if people don’t think that you are connected to their lives and are fighting for their interests they will vote your tush out of office in a nano-second.” ––James Carville

We have a deep and creative passion to balance the ever-evolving options of being ahead of the curve with the best practices of the tried and true. Tekspacular discerns myriad ecommerce options and social media connectors to create a unique blend, optimized to your brand. At the heart of our most successful campaigns is the world class outfit Topspin Media, a technology platform for direct-to-fan marketing (including a venue ticket sales option), content management, data harvesting and distribution (featuring an optional Tunecore aggregation integration) that connects artists directly with fans, allowing for multi-platform community building, permission-based marketing relationships and most importantly, direct and sustainable revenue streams.

A deep understanding of music publishing strategy is critical to any success story. Our experience building annuities with techniques of catalog exploitation is a value we bring to our clients. Publishing revenues long outlive the difficult and detailed work required to get them properly started. Registering, exploiting and enforcing the value of your catalog is top priority. Administering intellectual property is an area too easily overlooked by artists and their estates. Leveraging the value of assets such as recorded music, artifacts, written word, film and theatrical productions––and enforcing the integrity of these copyrights––is critical to the value of what you control. Tekspacular community building techniques cultivate the invisible value of your works.

Tekspacular has long resided at the frontier of sonic branding––an area of creative music production that serves many of the most recognizable imprimaturs in the world. Corporations and agencies are only now realizing the value of carefully crafting the sound of their brand. Tekspacular has composed, produced and delivered over 16,000 customized master recordings to clients in many different industries, including major league sports, beverages, greeting cards, software design and more. Having access to the world’s largest consumer brands is a value that Tekspacular offers to all its production partners and creative clients.